6 Interesting Ideas on How to Make Attic into Living Space

You might be thinking of transforming an average attic as a storage space for the forgotten yearbooks or the excess furniture which you don’t want to throw away. Well, this is the time when you have to switch your thinking! Your house attic might be a treasure trove of some unused space that you have brought up to space with accurate renovations.

Having an attic remodelled will help you to increase the usable square footage of your house and to enhance the whole functionality of your home. But if you are attempting to transform it into an attic bedroom renovation, then be careful with the support structures and all those things which are needed to be removed or kept within!

Consult an experienced and professional expert when you are considering decisions about framing, columns, or walls. Renovating your attic can help you to make the most of every cranny and nook while adding extra space into your home.

Possibly you might like to create your own personal home office so you can turn your attic into a new workspace. Right here we have collected the top best ideas for attic remodelling.

Let’s dive into the list and check out how you can make the attic into a live space renovation:

Attic Game Room Conversion

Are you looking for extra space for your family bonding? If yes, then your attic can be a perfect solution for your family gaming nights. Having an attic room is the best place where you can gather with your friends. This is the best option if you have the budget and space for a bar to mix up an Old Fashioned.

Source: architectureartdesigns.com

Ideas for Project:

Soft flooring:

To have a comfortable place where you can curl up and put all your skills into game testing, then we will recommend the use of soft floor surfaces.

Wall-shelving is yet a perfect way to display all your games in an organized way. You can even focus on the selection of modular storage that can change as you need for the sake of different games.


Including your gaming room with the bar, the centre will level up the whole renovation. You can have all your favorite boozy beverages close at hand in a mini-fridge. Just mix up cocktails and play on.


A large set of tables is perfect for sitting with your friends and family over a game of Risk. To add it with extra functionality, you can also arrange a table that you can fold away so you have room for other games like darts or cornhole.

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Attic Playroom Conversion

If you want some greater space for your kids to run around and play, then the attic can be additionally the best location to create a colorful, kid-friendly wonderland. But, from where you should start?

First, pay attention to how you and your children will get access to the attic. For accessibility purposes, you may encompass a spiral staircase which is no longer just functional however additionally gives classic, visible flair. A loft ladder is another option. However, look for the one with extra protection measures such as slip-resistant treads and a recessed locking system.

Source: doityourself.com

Another protection tip is to add a railing to the attic entrance. Hence this applies to any attic renovation idea you determine on. After you have taken the critical protection precautions, it’s time to add some whimsy to your attic kids’ room. Here are some of our preferred attic playroom ideas.

Project Ideas:

Bright, mild paint:

Lighter colorations can make a space feel extra open.


Attics can be on the darker side if there are no windows. If it is inside your budget, you should possibly think about including home windows for natural light. You can additionally comprise gentle electrical lighting fixtures around the room.

Insulate the floor:

Warm up the attic with insulation. You can additionally add carpets or big, colorful rugs to your floorboards.


Follow a theme that encourages your children to be innovative and have fun. Consider including some wall decals with prices on the wall from their favored books. Oversized chairs or bean baggage are top seating picks to make the house experience cosier.


Don’t neglect the company – after all, these toys have to go someplace at the end of the day. If the house permits, cabinets alongside the aspects of the room would possibly be a beneficial addition.

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Attic Bedroom Conversion

Need an area for visitors to change it for staying overnight? You may also prefer to convert an attic to a loft bedroom to make use of in any case of wasted space.

To hold your attic bedroom at a cosy temperature, pay attention to putting in insulation. The proper insulation would possibly assist your retailer with utility bills. Sometimes this means totally redoing the insulation or you may additionally be capable to actually add to the present insulation.

source: home-designing.com

Project Ideas:

Overhead lighting:

Cosy, heat lights are best in a bedroom. Spend some time getting thoughts on how to accurately illuminate an attic’s frequently quirky architecture.

New flooring:

The new attic floor can radically change a space, and an attic bedroom is no different. Hardwood is a remarkable preference if you prefer something traditional and convenient to clean. Or, you can go for carpet for a greater plush, underfoot feel. When you are putting in flooring, figure out about the use of sound-dampening substances so your upstairs room doesn’t motive a racket.


Replacing or upgrading current attic insulation can help to stop warmth from escaping in the iciness and assist hold the attic cool throughout hotter months.

Multi-function furniture:

To make the most use of the special angles of an attic, think about including built-in storage. Check that fixture you add works with present factors and structures. For example, perhaps you can add a window seat to cover integral ductwork for the HVAC system.

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Attic Bathroom Conversion

Who wouldn’t wish to have a greater bathroom in the house? One task when including a bathroom to an attic is that you will have to think about new plumbing as well. The placement of your current plumbing will probably decide the exceptional way to shape your attic bathroom renovation, such as above the kitchen or bathroom on the ground below.

source: thespurce.com

Project Ideas:

Adding a bathe or bathtub:

Adding a full toilet with a bath or bathtub helps to make your attic a greater useful space. This is much needed mainly if you are including a bedroom in the attic.


If you are planning on including a bathroom in an attic, you might also want to work with an electrician to add greater stores and lighting.

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Idea No 5: Attic Office Conversion

An attic workplace is an outstanding addition to your property due to the fact that it presents you with a room away from the fundamental hubs of the house. With the right sound-dampening materials, you can savor in a quiet getaway where you can centre of attention and be productive.

This is a specifically sensible concept if you work from home however don’t have a set workstation.

Source: decoist.com

Project Ideas:


To keep away from being distracted, apply the paint in your attic workplace smooth and simple. A lighter shade is the best concept if you are quick on natural light.


Consider putting in some adjustable overhead lights to illuminate the space. Place your work desk close to a window for natural lighting fixtures to hold matters cheerful.


Keep in mind that you may additionally want to rewire your attic to help workplace home equipment like a computing device PC and printer.

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Attic Home Theater Conversion

Going to watch movies with your friends can be a little expensive, so this is the right moment to think about creating with your own at-home theatre experience? If you have a space of the room for a projector and either a blank wall or screen, your location of attic might be a good space to convert into any home theatre.

Source: topdreamer.com

Project Ideas:


Consider investing in a setting of amphitheatre-style seating or even a large, sectional couch for your attic home theatre. You can even look for traditional red velvet fabric or choose to make the theatre a style that is completely your own.


Expect some electrical expenses for the arrangement of the attic’s wiring to support different sets of theatre room appliances like a projector, or computer, and audio systems.

Sound System:

Sure, a screen is considered to be imperative but the sound is just as crucial, so make sure you consider an out-of-this-world sound system.

Popcorn Machine:

A popcorn machine is a classic option. Try to invest in your own set of popcorn machines to get a feel of the classic movie theatre vibe.

In-attic bar:

Do you know what the best thing while watching movies is? Watching movies with your favorite beverage by your side is the best feeling ever. If you have space, then building out a bar with the space for bottles of your favorite wine or the spirit can be a fantastic addition for extra entertaining purposes.

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A perfectly finished attic will meet all your family needs by adding a unique and personal touch to your home décor or renovation. It would not be wrong to say that a successful attic remodelling is the best source of income to make it covert into rentable space. You can use it as a guest bedroom for loved ones, a nursery for a new addition, or transform family time into a cosy escape.

So, which one of these attic ideas is your favorite one?

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