How to Measure for Attic Ladder – Step by Step Guide

Taking measurements for attic stairs is quite a simple DIY process. You need a helping hand to easily take down measurements as you go. Clear your mind about whether you are investing in aluminium attic ladders or wooden stairs. Wooden Attic steps can easily reach farther and they are stronger than compared aluminium, but aluminium stairs do weigh less.

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Right in this blog guide, we will be explaining step by step tutorial to easily measure the attic ladder as a beginner. Let’s have a look:

Step by Step Measuring Guide

Before taking start on measuring for the attic ladder, make you have an aluminium step ladder and a retractable measuring tape.

Step 1 – Close the Attic Ladder before Measurement

First of all, you need to close the entire attic ladder and then place a set of stepladder under it. For taking the accurate measurement, you can stand on top of the attic ladder if you do feel that it is too much steady enough to perform it.

Step 2 – Locate Tape Measure

Now locate your tape measure on the left side of your attic opening over the inside edge area of any trim moulding. But make sure it is on the outer side of the attic ladder frame. Now you have to stretch the tape measure over the right side of your attic ladder door, stopping at the inside edge of the trim moulding on that side. Note down your measurement, which needs to be the width of your attic ladder.

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Step 3 – Note down your Measurements

In the third step, just move the one ending portion of the tape measure over the rear side of the attic ladder door. This needs to be at the location where hinges are positioned. Start aligning it through the interior edge of your trim moulding and then stretch the other ending side towards the front edge of the door. Note down your measurement which needs to be the length of your attic ladder.

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Step 4 – Locate Ending of Tape Measure

Locate the ending of your tape measure towards the ceiling directly beside the attic ladder. You have to drop the other end of your tape measure towards the floor to figure out the length of the stairs itself. For this step, you will require a helping hand. Normally attic stairs are resting at the top angle of the floor, the box in which they are available comes with the ceiling height for extra installation purposes.

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Important Measuring Points to Consider

  • Measure the Rough Opening in Ceiling

You have to measure the main rough opening of your ladder ceiling in which both length and width will be measured. The standard opening will be around 22.5” x 54”, but some of the houses do have a wider opening. Few of the houses do have smaller hatches or openings. So it is extremely important to measure the opening size. This will help you to get an idea of whether you have selected the right attic ladder for your home or not.

  • Measurement of Floor to Ceiling Height

Most important of all do not forget to measure or verify the ceiling height which is the distance from the floor to the finished ceiling area. Some of the attic ladders do cover a wide range of ceiling heights so it is needed to know about the actual measurement. For any smaller attic ladder, the minimum opening measurement should be around 18” x 24”.

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  • Swing Clearance

You also need to be careful when it comes to measuring the total amount of space that is available to swing out the stair sections of your ladder. In favour of smaller attic openings with a minimum measurement of 18” x 24”, there is a need to measure the swing clearance within the attic space. The compact attic ladder should have all in all a minimum height of around 28” and an almost minimum depth of 44” inside the attic as above and behind the opening.

  • Landing space

For safe climbing, you have to properly extend the stairs for which the correct amount of landing space plays an important role. Measure the space available where the ladder will land, from the back of the opening towards the front.

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