How to Install Louisville Attic Ladder? Important Instructions to Follow In!

Here we have a quick guide for you about the whole process to install Louisville Attic Ladder!

The attic ladder is an extremely important item to have installed in your house for storage access. But for some people, the process of installation is quite intricate and daunting. So let’s help you a bit and guide you to the whole tutorial to install Louisville Attic Ladder!

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Important Tools

  • Step ladder
  • hammer
  • reciprocating saw

Materials Required

  • #8 2″ deck screws
  • shims
  • folding attic ladder kit

Quick-Step by Step Guide on How to Install Louisville Attic Ladder

Step No 1: Figure out Installation Location

First of all, you need to figure out the location of the installation. The majority of the installations for any attic ladder are all about the replacement of the existing ladder. You have to remove off the trim surroundings over the existing opening by using the hammer. Now you need to attach the temporary supporting boards to let the ladder stay secure at one place for the sake of removal.

install attic ladder


Step no 2: Remove Off Existing Attic Stairs

Make use of a reciprocating saw for the removal of existing attic stairs. Sometimes the ladder might get separated from one another during the secure process. So tie them all together so they won’t get separated.

how to install louisville attic ladder


Step no 3: Inspect the Stair Opening

The next step is about the inspection of the opening to make sure that all the previous blocking and fasteners have been fully removed off. The opening has to meet the minimum scale of the structural requirement of a 2×6 header and joist system within the rough opening which is larger than the attic stairs.

It would be far better to add two 3″ deck screws or the 16d nails for each side of your stair headers for the sake of reinforcement.

How to Install Louisville Attic Ladder


Step no 4: Attachment of Temporary Support Boards

The next step is all about the attachment of temporary support boards. All the temporary support boards have to be in the measurement of around 4 inches which needs to be wider than the opening by using a drill. Fasten all the boards to any dimensional spread so you can hold the frame of a new ladder over the shorter side.

How to Install Louisville Attic Ladder


Step No 5: Secure the Framing of Attic Ladder

It’s time to secure the framing for your attic ladder! If in case the ladder is more than 1-1/2″ smaller as in any dimension as compared to the rough opening, then it is required to perform some secure additional framing in the increments of 2x4s (1-1/2″ thick) as well as 1x4s (3/4″ thick) with almost 3″ deck screws or 16d nails at 12″ on top of the centre spacing.

How to Install Louisville Attic Ladder


Step no 6: Installation of Pull Rope

For the installation of pull rope on your ladder assemble you can make it do by kneading the rope right through the hole inside the main door. Now thread the washer over the rope on the upper side of your main door. To let the rope easily reach from the floor, you have to keep the desired length by pulling the rope. Tie the top knot over the upper side of the washer. This washer will prevent the knot from completely slipping back right through the main hole as you will pull the rope.

Leading right into the hinge side of your ladder, you have to live up the ladder assembly right through the opening by using temporary support boards. You have to make sure that the hinge side is always on the correct ending.

How to Install Louisville Attic Ladder

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Step no 7: Pull the Ladder Towards Opening

For resting the ladder on the temporary supports, you have to pull the ladder towards the opening. Centre down the ladder with the widthwise but make sure you are resting the hinge side of your ladder all against the header main support. Now secure your ladder by using two 3″ deck screws on top of the hinge side to let it get hold at one place.

How to Install Louisville Attic Ladder


Step No 8: Measure it diagonally

To make sure that the frame has its square corners, you have to measure it diagonally. If you feel that the diagonal attic ladder measurements are somehow different, you need to place the shims either on the corners or on the side areas. This will enable the two diagonal dimensions to stay equal. To hold the ladder over the ending opposite side of the hinge, you can attach two screws.

How to Install Louisville Attic Ladder


Step no 9: Pre-dill & Insert Lag Bolts

As you have positioned the ladder correctly, you need to pre-drill and insert four 1/4″ x 3″ hex lag bolts right inside the header side. If it is required, then you need to add some additional shims by the side of the midline of the long sides of the ladder. Now just pre-drill and insert around two 1/4″ x 3″ hex lag bolts as on either long side of your ladder into the side supports.

How to Install Louisville Attic Ladder


Step no 10: Set the Height of Ladder

Set the height of the ladder. If in case the ladder legs are quite long, you have to fold the ladder over its lowest joint and later on measure from the hinge to the floor. Now just unfold the lower section of your ladder and cut the straight legs to such a height to let it get seated on the floor correctly. For cutting purposes, you can use a hacksaw if the ladder is made out of metal and use a wooden saw if the ladder is made of wooden material.

How to Install Louisville Attic Ladder


Step no 11: Re-install the Main Trim of Nails

Now finally re-install the main trim of your nailer and finish the nails. To match with the finishing touches, paint the door perfectly.

How to Install Louisville Attic Ladder


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you install an attic ladder perpendicular to joists?

Yes, the attic ladder can be installed perpendicular by cutting and attaching some joists to others with the help of headers. Commonly, headers are 2 x 6 inches or 2 x 8 inches wooden block that reinforces the joists. So, a box frame is made to install the attic ladder.

What angle should an attic ladder be?

An attic ladder should feel secure when placed on the floor. An ideal angle for attic ladders is 60 to 80 degrees. Also, ladder feet can be adjusted according to the floor by cutting suitable measures of the attic ladder from the bottom.

Can you install a Louisville attic ladder on your own?

Yes, you can DIY the Louisville attic ladder installation. However, if you are a first time installer, there is a learning curve. You can break down the process of installing the opening first, and then the actual ladder. If you are not sure, then calling in professionals is the easy way to go.

What is the difference between joist and truss?

Joists support the roof, wall, or ceiling and are often suspended below the roof rafters. On the other hand, a truss is used to support the roof. The joist supports the weight whereas the truss upholds the structure with its two diagonal beams attached to a central vertical beam.

How much does a Louisville attic ladder installation cost?

On average, installing a Louisville attic ladder can cost from $250 to $650, depending on the size and type of the ladder. Commonly, the professional labor charges are almost $60, minus the cost of the ladder.

How long does it take to install an attic ladder?

Despite the varied costs, the installation duration of a standard attic ladder remains the same which is 2 to 3 hours. However, in the case of installing attic ladders with joist adjustments, or wall mounted ladders it can be more or less depending on the skill of the installer.

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