How to Build an Attic Ladder? Step by Step Guide Tutorial for Beginners

Have you been planning to build an attic ladder on your own? Do you want to know what sort of steps are involved in building a durable and longer-lasting attic ladder?

If yes, then let’s have a quick discussion about it right into this blog guide for you all!

If you do have a small house, then probably you need a durable ladder to get inside the attic when it is needed. Sometimes space and size might prohibit you to build a permanent attic ladder for your house use. Having a set of folding attic ladder is the best way as it will allow you to get into the attic and to save space when it is needed.

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Now without wasting any time, let’s move towards step by step tutorial guide to build-up an attic ladder easily:

Step 1 – Measurement and Cutting of Sides

Before you make your final mind to start building up the attic ladder, you should be clear about the accurate height which you need for your ladder product. To figure out this measurement, you need to check the distance from the main loft of your ground.

Once the measurements of the attic ladders are finalized, you need to add the standard measurement of around 12 inches to get some idea about how long both sides of the ladder will be. For making any attic ladder, wood is the best and most recommended material. You can pick any wood of 2x4s size but make sure the wood is thick enough.

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Step 2 – Making Ladder Rungs

Once you have measured as well as cut down the side rails of your ladder, you can start making some horizontal rails or rungs. Get a clear idea about the number of rungs you are in a need for and at what approximate distance you will be placing them. As a recommendation, we will suggest you not to place the rungs further than 10 inches apart. To figure out the number of rungs, you just need to divide the total length of the ladder by 10.

This whole calculation will give you a rough estimate of the number of rungs that you need to cut. The approximate length of every single rug will be depending upon the width of your ladder. The standard size of your space has to be around 18 inches.

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Step 3 – Attachment of Ladder Rungs

The next most important step is the attachment of ladder rungs! For attaching any ladder rung, you need to simply locate your rung in one position and let it be attached to the side rails. For attachment, you need to use some deck screws or heavy-duty nails on every single end. In case if you are using 2x4s, then the rung has to be almost 18 inches wide and around four inches high. You have to repeat this whole process until and unless all the rungs are not completely attached.

Source: diynetwork

Step 4 – Cutting your Ladder

Once you have finished the whole ladder construction, just fold it away so you can easily store it. You can even build the ladder in 2-3 pieces and store it all together afterwards or you can even cut it after it has been built.

For cutting the ladder, just divide the approximate length of your ladder in half to get at least 2 pieces. Now cut down one of the halves again, but this time, you have to divide it up. In this way, you will be left with 2/3 of the ladder in one single piece and a smaller piece. In total, you should be having at least three sections of the ladder.

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Step 5 – Creation of Folding Ladder

The last step is about the creation of a folding ladder! In this step, you have to put together your ladder by using hinges which will enable the pieces to get folded on top of one another in an accordion-type fold. In this way, your ladder will be small enough to get folded into one loft.

Once it is all done, you have to screw the longest section of your ladder on the door which is opened from the top ceiling. The rest of the ladder will, later on, fold onto itself when it is pushed up into the loft.

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