A Quick Guide on Different Types of Attic Doors – Choosing the Right One!

Nowadays, nearly every building has an attic, and in fact, attic access doors and panels. However, there are still some who don’t have attics whether residential or commercial. This means they are completely overlooking the element of air drafts and air warmth which attics can provide.

You probably didn’t know this but there are different types of attic access doors. Our today guide is all about attic doors and about all those kinds of doors which are perfect to install for your attic space.

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Overview of Different Types of Attic Doors

1. Simple attic hatch:

This type of attic door is also known as a scuttle hole and is quite common in homes. An easy attic hatch is the commonest and widely-used attic door by homeowners. This will be seen as a removable part of the ceiling that is typically within the shape of a rectangle or square.

Accessing the attic would entail the homeowner to simply push abreast of this ceiling cut-out and move it to the side. A ladder also goes with the straightforward attic– once the entrance is open and out of the way. Hence the ladders are going to be used for entering the attic world.

2. Spring Loaded Attic Door

Spring-loaded attic entrance as for a few buildings, a pull-down stair attic door is typically installed. Because this sort of door is spring-loaded, once the door is pushed up and the close-by cord is pulled, stairs can just easily begin.

The steps are typically made from either wood or metal and may be folded up even as easily as they fold out. Although this sort of attic door looks almost like an easy attic hatch as it is more convenient with the already built-in ladder.

3. Knee Wall Attic Door

Knee-wall attic door is carried out through the utilization of a knee-wall attic door. This sort of door is typically located at mid-height over a vertical wall rather than on a ceiling. Typically found within a little room on the highest level of the house where these sort of attic doors are often used as a loft, cargo area, or maybe a bedroom. Usually, the ceiling in this room is sloped.

Here are our Top 5 best picks for attic doors in 2022

Most people don’t consider choosing attic doors merely a door that simply keeps your items safe in the attic space. However, a good quality attic door can not only keep your storage items safe but can also add to the looks of your home. Attic doors are the first impression that can add an appeal to your home or commercial site.

Let’s help you a bit with some best attic door reviews for 2022:

So let’s get started!

Acudor ED2436SCPC ED-2002 24 x 36 Flush Access Door by Acudor

Acudor ED2436SCPC ED-2002 24 x 36 Flush Access Door by Acudor

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Material Galvanised Steel
Dimensions 7.6 x 9 ft.
Insulation R-16.25
Thickness 27 gauge Steel Door


Acudor is one of the highly-reputed manufacturers in the door industry as it is regarded for its terrific products and has wonderful client service. It is one of the famous merchandise among users.

The embossed door is white, and its opening top stands at 7.6 feet. The opening width of this door is 9 feet. The white opening appears very stylish and provides an attraction to your home.

The door is insulated which means that it will hold your storage cool in the summers and heat in the winters. The metal door is noticeably mild in weight and has a thickness of three inches.

Lightweight doorways make much less noise and provide appropriate power when it comes to their spring systems. The insulation cost of this door is R-16.25 which means that the door is true in preserving temperatures normal.
The door is painted with acrylic with no gauge 26 finishing. It does not just present your door with the shine however additionally prevents it from the detrimental sun rays and excessive climate conditions. It weighs around 450 kilos and provides stable safety to your attic.

  • Its embossed design and white coloration seem to be very elegant.
  • The metal door is relatively long-lasting and lightweight
  • The acrylic end maintains the exterior seems to be true and continues the door protected from harsh climate conditions.
  • The insulation ranking of this door is 16.25 which suggests that it is excellent at keeping temperatures.
  • It is just accessible in white color
  • It makes use of extension springs that are not exceptionally durable.

Final Verdict:
Overall, this is the best product available on this list. Acudor makes some of the best attic access doors, and this one is no different. It is made of high quality steel with 27 gauge thickness. Moreover, it has R 16.25 insulation that can withstand all weather conditions. So, it can maintain the moisture and temperature of your storage space.

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Elmdor 8″ x 8″ DW Series Access Door For Drywall Applications

Elmdor 8" x 8" DW Series Access Door For Drywall Applications

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Wall Mount 8-1/2″ x 8-1/2″
Recyclable Yes
Material 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel
Weight 2.35 pounds


On the 2nd spot, we have another attic door! The light-weight dock door has a metal construction. It stands 7.6 toes high and has a width of 9 feet. Some of you may locate this door barely expensive. It has a ribbed design that appears very neat.

The thickness of this door is 2-inch. Some of you would possibly experience a bit upset situation because this door doesn’t come with any insulation. Therefore, it is no longer the best product for these of you who stay in areas with excessive climate change.

The door does come with its windows, and you won’t have to purchase them separately. The door comes painted with acrylic with 24 gauge finishing. The door weighs around 360 pounds. If you stay in a location with too much rain or snow, then this door is inclined to sag.

It is best for all those humans who prefer simplicity at an appropriate price. If you are low on price range however nevertheless desire a fantastic product, then pick this attic door right now.

  • The ribbed design in white shade appears very neat.
  • The door comes with windows
  • It has acrylic ending with gauge 24 which capacity it can tolerate ordinary climate conditions.
  • It doesn’t come with any insulation.
  • The door is not appropriate for harsh climate conditions.
Final Verdict:
All in all, it is a decent attic door for installation in areas with mild to cold climates. It has two inches thickness which improves the safety aspect. This simple design at such an affordable price is a steal.
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Premier 2400 Series Aluminum Universal Access Door

Premier 2400 Series Aluminum Universal Access Door

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Material Aluminum, Polystyrene
Rough Wall Fit 12-3/8 x 12-3/8 Inch
Style Screwdriver Latch
Dimensions ‎16.1 x 16.1 x 2.2 inches


This door design is another embossed door. It is white with an opening top of 7.6 feet. The width of this door is 8 feet.

Its white opening is very graceful, and the door comes insulated. It will hold your storage in summers cool and winters warm. It is extraordinarily lightweight. The light-weight door comes with a thickness of two inches and weighs around 430 pounds. Another benefit of insulation is that it lowers noise and continues the door covered from sagging. On the different hand, the light-weight door stays robust with the spring structures even if you don’t use torsion springs.

The opening stays authentic towards the UV rays from the sun and keeps your door properly covered towards heavy downpours.

  • The embossed design and white color appears modern and offers a face to your home.
  • It is a light-weight and long-lasting door.
  • Its acrylic opening with gauge 26 continues the exterior nicely included towards hard weather.
  • The insulation is rated, and the door is suitable at preserving temperatures.
  • It is exceptionally desirable for a small attic.
  • Some of you would possibly no longer discover the 2-inch thickness of this door very useful.
Final Verdict:
The Premier 2400 series are some of the access panels for safety purposes. It comes with a lock installed in the frame that ensures that only authorized people open it. It is a great addition for storage and commercial uses. Apart from this, it is also insulated just like Acudor one, but at a cheaper price.
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Acudor UF-5000 36 x 24 Inch Stainless Steel Universal Flush Mount Access Door

best attic door

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Material Cold Rolled Steel
No. of Secure Latches 5
Dimensions 1.25 x 25.62 x 37.62 inches
Weight 31.6 Pounds

On the 4th spot is another classic attic door by the Acudor. It is one of the best companies to manufacture quality doors, worldwide. This UF-5000 access door is a more commonly used hatch door, widely used by homeowners. In addition, it can also be used as a knee wall attic access door on dry walls.

The cold rolled steel of this attic door gives a clean and elegant finish to the interior. Its opening top stands at 3.1 feet. While the opening width of this door is 2 feet. The compact opening works great for small hallways with limited space.

Although it is not insulated as other attic doors mentioned on the list, it has an alkyd baking enamel coating. This white 24 gauge finishing prevents the door from any climatic or UV effects and keeps your storage space safe.

It is a lightweight door, weighing only 31.6 pounds. In addition, it comes with an extraordinary thickness of three inches which is rare to find. As it is a perfect blend of weight and thickness, it is good to install in areas with limited space without the fear of sagging.

On another hand, if you live somewhere with extreme climate changes, then this product may not be for you. However, if your attic is temperature regulated then this is the perfect opportunity to buy this access door now!

  • The white, cold rolled steel gives an elegant touch to the attic.
  • It has a 3-inch thickness that protects the storage material from moisture and heat.
  • The unique continuous hinge gives quick access to the attic without warping or sagging.
  • Its alkyd baking 26 gauge enamel protects the door and can be painted according to the color scheme.
  • It is perfect for small rooms and hallways.
  • It does not have any insulation and can be prone to extreme weather changes.
Final Verdict:
On the whole,  the Acudor UF-5000 is the optimal choice for small apartments and buildings with limited space. It can be installed with ease and can be used with a ladder. The 26 gauge steel frame and door with the 2 inch thickness form a sturdy construction. Despite all this, it is quite lightweight which is a plus. If you are looking for something compact yet elegant then buy this access panel door.
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JL Industries 9TM-2424C 24″ x 24″ Universal Access Door

best attic door

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Rough Opening ⅜ inches
Material Alloy Steel
Dimensions 3 x 24 x 24 inches
Weight 17.21 pounds

It is one of the most stylish and modern access doors available. The minimalist embossed design is elevated with an alloy steel handle. It is best suited for a knee wall attic door. On the other hand, it can also be used as a ceiling door with the help of a ladder.

This is a square shaped access door, with 2 feet top opening stand length. The opening width of this door is also 2 feet. It has the most unique gray powder coated primer finish that complements the steel flange.

The 1 inch flange attached to the 16 gauge steel door has a concealed hatch at 90 degrees. It means that the opening of the flush attic access door appears as a part of the roofing. Some of you may be concerned about the grey color, but it can be painted in any color as per choice as well.

Also, the rough opening for this access door is ⅜ inches. Another benefit of this is that it weighs only 17.21 pounds. So, it is easy to install in your attic. The metallic construction with a good quality finish is resistant to sagging, and rust. It also provides an air tight fitting.

  • The metal door is long-lasting and resistant to UV rays.
  • Its embossed design with gray color is quite unique.
  • The enamel coating protects against dust, high temperature, and UV radiation.
  • It is quite lightweight, given that it is a metal.
  • The installation process is super easy and gives a smooth appearance post-installation.
  • The package includes the window frame.
  • It is not good for outside use.
  • It is just accessible in grey color.
Final Verdict:
Altogether, the design and color scheme of the JL universal access door is unique among all the doors on this list. The 16 gauge steel door along with a 1 inch flange makes it easy to use as all three kinds of attic doors mentioned above. The only hitch in this is that it is not insulated and may be prone to high temperatures.
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How to Do Attic Access Panel Replacement in 5 Steps

Sometimes the old attic door needs a replacement due to various reasons. It can be an old push up design, a sagging door given to climate, or just a renovation project. You can DIY access door replacement following the easy steps given below:

Step 1: Choose the Right Attic Door

A lot of delivery malfunctions occur because of different sizes and types of attic doors than required. Consider if you want a simple attic door or one with attached stairs. Also, take the exact measurements between two adjacent ceiling joists using a stud finder. Next, mark the inside edges along with the top and bottom of the access hole. This will help you in ordering the right access panel.

Step 2: Remove the Old Access Door

Since, you are replacing the attic access panel, unscrewing the old panel is important. Remove all the springs and bolts attached to joists and ridges. If you are installing an attic door without any prior door, cut the drywall first. Be careful not to cut any wiring or pipeline, so using a stud finder is the safest option available.

Step 3: Install the Window Frame

Put lumbar braces on the ceiling while installing the attic door. The first thing to be set in place is the window frame of the door. Fix the cam latches with the help of a screwdriver. You can also opt for hanger nails for joists.

Step 4: Install Insulation

Some doors come with pre-installed insulation and are graded as such. However, if your attic door lacks insulation, then install a weatherstrip with a self stick foam tape. This will keep the access panel from heating up and prevent climate related damage.

Step 5: Attach the Door

As a final step, attach the access panel to the window frame. Make sure the latch is in the right direction, or if it has spring systems they are in the right direction. Tighten the access points and test the door after installation.

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Insulation and Security of Attic Access Doors and Panels:

For attic access doors, one concern is the amount of insulation. Each one of the attic doors is recommended to be outfitted with some insulation, like foam board and weatherstrip.

Additionally, it is also important to keep in mind that the tactic of adding such insulation which varied according to the door type. There is also another consideration that one has to make when brooding about an attic entrance which is the level of security. Fortunately, a home-owner or building owner also can add a lock to any attic door. It is recommended for doors on outer walls when it involves both office buildings and houses.

It is also important to understand door options to assist you in getting the right attic door and utilizing what an attic offers.

Learn more about how to insulate your attic door on your own right here!

Purchasing the Simplest Access Doors:

Because there are numerous options out there, it is often really difficult when it comes to purchasing an attic door. Note that a correct attic hatch is the one that features a weatherstrip around the perimeter to allow for an acceptable amount of insulation. This helps in reducing any loss of warmth from within while also preventing any air from coming in.

When purchasing an attic door, it is important to consider the right measurements along with opposite environmental elements which may be ensuring the right climate inside the attic itself and therefore the surrounding space. Having proper ventilation and roofing insulation is a way to deal with it.

An attic that doesn’t have proper insulation, ventilation, or maybe the right hatch can accumulate mould or mildew. Not purchasing the right attic door or taking care of the attic can really impact the space and even affect one’s health just in case mould or mildew becomes severe.

Maintaining Your Attic Door:

Aside from investing within the right attic hatch, it is also a requirement that it is installed properly. When a door or panel isn’t installed correctly, it may result in heating and cooling of condensation when warm or hot air is flushed through a vent.

Once the attic door is already installed, it is also essential to see for drafts and make sure that there is no mould or unwanted and unnecessary condensation and pest infections.

Regular maintenance is additionally important during the attic. Because it is not always convenient to access and maybe a truly “out of sight, out of mind” component of any commercial or residential building, pests and moulds may affect the attic. That is why it is important to possess regular maintenance for attic access panels.

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How to choose the Best Attic Door? – Buying Guide 2022

Every homeowner wants to possess attic access doors and panels that are easy to install and handle conveniently. In essence, attic panels and ceiling doors are technically mentioned as gateways that allow people to access the roof for various functions.

There are very many sorts of attic access doors. As a replacement buyer, choosing the simplest attic access doors for the ceiling are often quite daunting especially if you are not well informed. To form a worthwhile purchase, you have to hunt for suitable information from an honest source.

There are quite a few essential things that each buyer should consider before placing an order from online or offline dealers. Our expert guide will assist you in buying an attic door that will add value to your money.

Proper Research

The internet is the best place to start if you want to shop for the simplest attic access doors. The web world offers more information and sorts of attic access doors to settle on from. It is undeniably the simplest and best place to read product reviews and predetermine if they meet your personal preferences.

Also, the web is where you discover great information and advertisements from top brands. Therefore, make sure that you check the web for inspiration and reviews to form the simplest decision.

High Quality Material

Another important aspect is the material. Make sure you consider the materials utilized in the development of the attic doors. Always make sure that the material is durable and safe to use. As you undergo the web reviews, make sure you check the material details.

Also, make sure that you create a choice supported your home theme and private preference. Always remember that the sort of material you select helps to work out for the protection of your ceiling and therefore the durability of the door generally.

As an example, chrome steel attic access doors are the simplest for maximum security. Steel attic access doors can withstand extreme temperatures, which makes them the best choice.

Check for Recommendation

You can ask your friends, relatives, and people around you who have already bought the attic doors for recommendations. People that have used these products are the best people to hunt for advice and recommendation from.

They know the brands that offer the best and people that aren’t quality perfect. Also, when trying to find suggestions on the internet, ensure they are valid, and that they are posted on legit entrance selling websites.

Cost of the Door

Money is essentially the last determinant related to the kind of door you choose. Also, your pocket determines the sort of attic door you choose since they vary in price depending on the sturdiness and style.

When buying an attic door, make sure you choose a product that suits your budget and provides value to your hard-earned money.

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