6 Best Roof Mounted Attic Fans Reviews 2021- Buying Guide & FAQs

Well for some people making the right choice of the roof mounted attic fan is quite an intricate task until and unless they are not aware of their requirements and needs of the attic. The attic fan is categorized into so many different types in which we have a gable mount attic fan or a roof mount attic fan.

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What Are Roof Mounted Attic Fans?

A roof-mounted attic fan always rests directly on top of the roof area where it is helpful in regulating the temperature of any property by removing hot air. You can avail the use of roof-mounted attic fans for asphalt shingled or sloped roofs. You won’t be finding it installed on slat shingle or flat roofs.

These attic fans do require cutting a small hole right into the asphalt shingles and roof sheathing. Roof-mounted attic fans are generally made of galvanized steel. You can also search for some solar powered roof-mounted fans who don’t need any electrical wiring connections.

Making the right choice can sometimes be very problematic! Not to worry because we have got you covered in this entire best roof-mounted attic fan review.

This review is written to guide you about the right roof-mounted attic fan which is completely well suited for your attic. Read on as we bring you a thorough review of the best roof mounted attic fans for your home comfort.

Let’s check out below:

Best Budget Pick

Broan Roof Mount Powered Attic Fan is the budget pick roof mounted attic fan for you which is durably constructed with thermal protection. It is excellent in its performance over the affordable price range.

Best Roof Mounted Fan

HQST Solar-Powered Attic Fan is the best roof-mounted attic fan where it steadily performs the air ventilation in a noise-free operation. It works smoothly and is easy to install.

Best Versatile

ECO-WORTHY 25-Watt Roof Attic Fan is solar-powered which works efficiently with all types of roof places. Its durable construction allows this fan to work for long years.

Broan Roof Mount Powered Attic Fan

As we talk about a self-contained attic ventilator with a powerful plastic housing, then choosing Broan’s 345SOWW is an all-in-one solution to overheated attics. This unit is based on a 14-inch opening for your roof but won’t be an eyesore for you once it is installed.


Broan’s solar-powered attic ventilator is basically a low profile and is available in two finishes to easily get blended with your roof. Its durable plastic has the capacity to handle the paint coat if you feel it so.


This attic ventilator is thermally protected. It has been installed with a permanently lubricated motor that is 100% built to last.

Maximum Air Flow

This attic ventilator is already included with a 14-inch diameter or balanced metal blade to allow maximum air-flow. It operates automatically and is included with an adjustable thermostat as well. This thermostat is built-in with a thermally protected and permanently lubricated motor.

Easy to Install

Users of this attic ventilator like how easy it is to install take less than 30 minutes before it was up and running.


The Broan 345SOWW Attic Ventilator is a cheaper alternative. This is because it comes with solar panels already, the model can power up on its own without any assistance by saving your enough money.

  • Works with less sunlight
  • No need for wiring
  • Turns on/off through sunlight
  • Fan will most often produce a higher-pitched whine
  • Plastic housing may eventually deteriorate faster as compared to metal

Our Verdict

For a summer season when the heat rises at its top, this ventilator attic fan will come at your rescue with superior features. This has been one of the best ones which you can buy at your restricted price range. However, The Broan 345SOWW Attic Ventilator is a cheaper alternative. Because it comes with solar panels already, the model can power up on its own without any assistance, saving you a lot more money.

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HQST Solar-Powered Attic Fan – (Best Roof Mounted Attic Fan)

With the help of this excellent and best roof-mounted attic fan, you will experience a noticeable difference in the attic temperature. This is a 15-watt solar-powered based attic fan that effectively sucks out the entire hot air from the attic by giving you cool comfort. The fan steadily maintains airflow for the sake of proper ventilation to drain out the moisture inside the attic.


This best-rated gable attic fan covers 1,076 square feet of your attic space. Hence it is available with the brushless motor for greater and ultimate performance.


The use of aluminium material is fully rust-free which makes it extra durable and yet long-lasting. It has a waterproof motor which is included with the brushless DC motor of being waterproof to last longer.

Easy in Installation

It is so easy to install on all types of roofs such as wooden, slate, metal, or sloped roofs.

Protection against Moisture

Plus the fan can even prevent you from any sort of moisture that is leading to cause any sort of damage to your roof. Lowering the temperature and even bringing a reduction in the moisture will somehow help you to prolong the lifespan of your attic roof.

Reduces Electricity Bills

It is made out of rust-free sturdy aluminium which increases the lifespan of your attic fan. This will bring a high reduction over electricity billing as well.

  • Easy in installation
  • Best for all roof types
  • Available with manual instructions
  • Reduction in your electricity bills
  • Prevention of your roof deterioration
  • The thermostat is not available in the box
  • It does make some weird noise

Our Verdict

Due to the in-built safety features of this roof-mounted attic fan, this HQST Solar-Powered Attic Fan has become the top favorite of all house attic spaces. It is easy to install, brings in fresh cool air, and is affordable in the price range.

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ECO-WORTHY 25-Watt Solar – Powered Gable Roof Attic Fan

It’s time to exhaust the hot air inside your attic with the best of this best gable roof mount attic fan! It is available with the 25-watt attic fan which is alongside included with the 30-watt folding solar panel through the range of the 12-volt battery.

Greater Efficiency

It is extremely efficient over low light conditions. It works excellently over low voltage as the Min Voltage to operate is 4V. In this way you also get great ventilation even on high cloudy days.


It is cost-saving and affordable. This fan will be extremely helpful to cool down your roof and also reduces your air conditioning system. Plus it will cut your cooling costs with low electric power expense.

Construction quality

The materials of the high volume solar attic ventilator are well built of good quality. The tolerances of the solar vent fan are pretty tight, and it runs reasonably quietly.

Easy to Install

It is available with a pre-installed 8-inch solar cable with a quick-connector, as well as the solar panel comes 16 feet solar cable. This lets you easily install it with the quick-connect wires. It could be installed right into the gable vent or anywhere within the attic.

Noise Free Operation

You don’t need to worry about its emerging noise while operating or functioning. It is attached with the brushless motor for performing noise-free operation.

  • 12-volt attic fan
  • Reduction in your electricity bills
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy construction
  • Easy in installation
  • Brushless motor for some noise-free operation
  • Might run slowly in weather cloudy
  • Lacking thermostat

Our Verdict

The reason why this roof-mounted ECO-WORTHY 25-Watt Solar-Powered Gable Roof Attic Fan has become so much popular is that it reduces the cost of electricity. It is easy to install and brings heavy duty construction for long-lasting use.

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Solar Attic Fan 36-watt – Black – with 25-year Warranty

Attics can get extremely hot in summer. They are even prone to get into high temperatures in hot places. Therefore to prevent yourself from high cooling costs, it is extremely important to search for a solar-powered attic fan with a thermostat. Currently, there is a high demand for “Natural Light Solar Attic Fan”.

Easy to install

This solar attic fan is extremely easy to install for different sorts of roofs such as asphalt, shingle, and fibreglass. Plus, it is equally excellent for attic ventilation which is its plus point.


Natural Light is known to be a rising solar attic fan brand, which is tried and tested by builders. It is built with excellent quality of material for long-lasting use. It is equipped with a 36W solar panel which is enough to power the attic fan.


Besides, it has a strong DC motor that can work so efficiently with which the fan can move the moisture and hot air out of your space on a daily basis during sunny hours.

Adjustable Solar Panel

You will also notice that the solar panel is adjustable to almost 45 degrees or even flat up based on your needs. This model can easily move to almost 1628 cubic feet per minute for excellent exposure under the full sun. It is also recommended to install one attic fan per 2625 square feet space.

Customer Warranty

This device is available with a 25-year limited warranty for every customer purchase. Choosing an attic fan right through the long warranty is much needed and important for your peace of mind.

  • Made out of durable components
  • Customer 25-year warranty
  • Highly Energy saving and extra effective operation
  • Efficient for getting hot air 7 moisture out
  • Not suitable for sidewall mounting or flat roofs

>Our Verdict

To sum up the discussion, this solar roof-mounted fan is extremely efficient to be used for different places where it is easy to install. It does not require any sort of installation and is durable over its efficient performance.

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Broan-NuTone 345SOWW Surface Mount Solar – Powered Attic Ventilator

It’s time to keep your business or residential areas completely free from the suffocation ambience with this reliable attic fan model! Give our proper and simple ventilation by installing this Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic Ventilator.

Powerful Solar Panel

The Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic Ventilator is included with a built-in 28-watt solar panel. It is extremely efficient as in receiving the sunlight as well as generating it with electricity.

Proper Ventilation

Furthermore, this model is promoting proper ventilation at home which is extremely important for the human respiratory system. It is equally helpful in maintaining a calm mindset. One Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic can cover as wide as 537 CFM.

Sleek Design

Another major reason to choose Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic is its sleek modern design which blends it with any home design. It is not just constructed with beauty but with a set of resilience.

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This attic ventilator is strongly built out of UV-stabilized ABS Plastic and with stainless steel fasteners. It is also included with a galvanized steel bracket and a durable tempered glass solar panel.

Noise-free Performance

Due to the direct current motor, this model is efficient in working without making any sort of noise. Salient features of Attic Ventilator are much needed because nobody wants a disturbing sound at the top of their house during their bedtime.

  • Powerfully built with UV-stabilized ABS Plastic
  • Available with long single aluminium blade fan for extra cooler air circulation
  • Easy installation process
  • Extra efficient 28 Watt solar panel
  • Sleek design
  • You can also use it for shingle roof

Our Verdict

This is an extremely efficient and powerful roof-mounted attic fan which is not just durable but even brings an easy installation processing. Its sleek design makes it look so much elegant over the house rooftop.

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Broan 355BK Gable Mount Attic Ventilator for Home Use

One of the most powerful entries on this list, this solar exhaust roof fan is industry standard! It is coming with a massive 25-year warranty. It is boasted with some of the highest quality materials on the market where it can be fitted on any type of roof.


It is a high-quality and superior ventilator where it works to remove super-heated attic air in spaces up to 1000 sq. ft. at 1400 CFM.


This attic fan has the housing which is constructed out of 23-gage galvanized steel ribbed for added strength with mounting for long-lasting use.

Efficient Working

Plus this attic fan works efficiently where it has a 14″ diameter steel blade. It is specially designed for greater air movement.


It is thermally protected where the involvement of permanently lubricated motor is built to last for long time use.

Easy to use

The main unit of this attic fan operates automatically with an adjustable, built-in thermostat for your high convenience

  • Quiet working of Attic Fan
  • Easy in Use
  • Consistent Setting of Temperature Regulation
  • Time-consuming in installation
  • Average Manual

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a roof-mounted attic fan with extended durability, then choosing Broan 355BK Gable Mount Attic Ventilator is the best option for you. It works fully noise-free at the time of its operation and is easy to use for the home.

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How to Buy Best Roof Mounted Attic Fan for your Home? Buying Guide Tips

There are a few basic things that you need to know before you plan to buy any attic fan. This buying guide below will help you to keep your mind alert with all those important elements and pick the right choice of attic fan for yourself. Let’s check out the major factors given below:

● Build Quality

This is an important element that will decide the fact that for how long the attic fan will stay along with you. You should avoid having all those attic fans in your house which are made out of plastic material. Metal is the best and durable material for long-lasting use. But if you feel that plastic has high standards, then choosing plastic is equally best for you. You can visit any local store to feel the quality of the plastic materials.

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● Protection & Safety

You should never compromise on the safety besides anything else. When it comes to installing the attic fan you should always be conscious of the safety of the attic fan. Never carry yourself away with the stylish design. Try to look for the attic fan which is available with the cover. This will prevent insects and lizards from getting trapped inside your fan.

While installing attic fans do not forget to wear hats or gloves for your safety. Plus try to avoid installing the attic fan in any area where there is a gas heater. This can cause dangerous results. You should even try to avoid plugging various appliances into at least one extension cord.

● Ease in installation

One of the best ways with which you can easily cut costs while buying any attic fan is to figure out whether it is easy in its installation or not. Hiring any professional expert for installation will increase your costs to more than 50 dollars.

But installing it on your own can save your time and so does the money. A solar attic fan is quite easy to install because it does not require you to to use any wiring and can be mounted with ease on DIY

● Comfort

This is another important and major aspect to consider when it comes to buying any attic fan. Try to look for the one which is giving you extra comfort. Pick the one which suits your style and even gets fitted into your roof accordingly. You can simply take the photo of your roof and show it to your local store expert so they can better guide you to choose the right fan suited for your home.

Ask as many questions as possible which are constantly spinning in your mind for your convenience. You can even choose to pick a fan with thermostat access. It is a big advantage to look for any attic fan which is included with a built-in thermostat as well as a humidistat.

● Budget

Before you plan to purchase an attic fan it is extremely important to consider your budget in mind. Most of the attic fans are affordable but some of them are expensive to buy if they are included with some advanced features. The cost of the attic fan can raise base on certain factors such as accessories, installation, and the material used in the attic fan manufacturing.

● Mounting location

Furthermore, you need to pay attention to the mounting location because finding the right place to mount your fan is so much important. The area or location where you will mount our fan will let you know how perfectly it can reduce the heat. Ensure that where the fan is finally mounted is a place that has a lot of heat.

● Blades of Fan

Blades are an important aspect of any attic fan. You need to be conscious about the construction of blades and their size. Check out their rotation rate. This rotation rate will figure out how much faster the fan can cool the attic.

● Consumption of Power

Before buying any attic fan, you need to pay attention to its power consumption as well. As much lower the watt is, the more it will enable you to conserve energy and save enough money.

● Level of Noise

It is quite daunting to choose an attic fan that is 100% noise-free. But if the noise level is unbearable and still the fan is working effectively, it would be recommended to ignore the noise as far as it doesn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable.

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What Size of Roof Mounted Attic Fan Do I Need?

Roof-mounted attic fan is based on the sizes which are rated in CFM. CFM is the abbreviation of cubic feet per minute. If any attic fan has been rated at the level of 1,000-cfm, it means that it can somehow exhaust 1000 cubic feet of air per minute.

It has been recommended that your roof-mounted attic fan should exhaust your entire attic at least 10 times as per hour. And HVI often provides a simple rule of thumb for selecting the minimum range of CFM for your attic size.
You have to simply take upon the attic size in square feet and then multiply it by a 0.7 multiple.

And if your roof is dark-colored or if it is steep, then it will be increased to a 0.805 multiple. If your attic is almost 1500 square feet, then you have to multiply it by 0.7 to get 1050-cfm.

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How you can Use a Roof Mounted Attic Fan?

All the roof-mounted attic fans are operated through the access of the thermostat. This thermostat is a small metal box which is arranged with temperature dial settings. It is secured to a rafter or truss right next to the fan.

If you are locating your attic fan into some attic area and follow the system of wiring, then it will eventually go to a metal box which is the thermostat. This thermostat will run over the attic fan once the temperature reaches the level of target temperature which is around 90-F to the 110-F range. But as the attic temperature goes down, the fan will turn off automatically.

You can even choose to wire the attic fan towards a hallway switch with which you can easily turn it on and off without any hassle. Furthermore, some of the attic fans do have a humidistat which can detect attic humidity and turn the fan on and off just like a thermostat.

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By using the excellent and best product of roof-mounted attic fan, you are completely in a state where you are saving on cooling costs. This is all because your AC does not at all strain as in keeping the optimal temperature especially when it comes to the summer season. Using the best quality roof-mounted attic fan will assure you of the fact that hot air will be drawn out of your house or garage in just less time.

Furthermore, attic fans are extremely powerful to cover large spaces based on the model you have selected. All the roof-mounted attic fans which we have listed above in our review article are all made out of high quality and durable materials and they do have a sleek and nice design.

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