Top 5 Best Attic Solar Fan Reviews 2021 & Buying Guide

Are you looking forward to maintaining a cool environment in your room during the summer season? Well if yes, then probably it can cost you a lot in terms of electricity which is a big hassle. But to save yourself from big electricity bills, the best way would be to invest yourself in some reliable and best solar attic fan.

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To pick an excellent solar attic fan, right below we have a list of top best attic solar fans reviews 2021 to buy the one which suits your budget and room cooling requirements:

Our Top Picks for Best Attic Solar Fan of 2021 :

  • Amtrak Solar’s Powerful 70-Watt Solar Attic Fan
    “The solar fan works great and moves the plenty of warm air out of our greenhouse. It is the exact fan what we needed.” (Customer Review)
  • Solar Attic Fan 36-watt – Black – with 25-year Warranty
    “All in all – very easy installation, this unit started working as soon as I removed cardboard shield on a cloudy day. I would surely recommend this amazing product.”(Customer Review)
  • iLIVING HYBRID Ready Smart Exhaust Solar Roof Attic Exhaust Fan
    “It was very easy enough to install. Plugged it, and it has a proper setting for what temperature you want. It lowered the temperature in attic by around 5 degrees C.”(Customer Review)
  • ECO-WORTHY 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Gable Roof Vent Fan
    “Installed this fan in my attic gable about a month ago. It surely moves lot of air and there has been a noticeable drop in temperature by end of the day. “(Customer Review)
  • Broan-NuTone 345SOWW Surface Mount Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator
    “Broan was so perfect for our home to reduce inside attic temperature. And it was a very easy installation and the low profile makes it look not too messy. Product is very nice and quiet.”(Customer Review)

Amtrak Solar’s Powerful 70-Watt Solar Attic Fan

Amtrak Solar's Powerful 70-Watt Solar Attic Fan

Amtrak Solar is known to be one of the top most leading and best-selling manufacturers for delivering superior and top-rated solar attic fan ventilators. This attic fan is fully solar operated which you can get at an affordable price range. Being solar operated; there is no need to consider the use of electricity for eliminating the heat and maintaining a cooling environment.


It has a compact design which makes it light in weight. You can easily carry it on top of the ceiling for installation purposes.

No wiring is needed

There is no need to perform a wiring system during installation because it operated on solar energy.

Solar panel

The solar panel is also featured with the 35 watts of power with which it provides extra sufficient power to the motor. If the motor is getting enough power it can smoothly run the whole fan efficiently.


To make it look perfect, it would be better to place the attic fan ventilator on the rooftop where the sunlight can fall perfectly. Once the solar panel gets heated, it automatically turns on the fan.


This solar panel is helpful to keep the attic cool by providing much needed proper ventilation.

  • Offers an excellent working functionality
  • Extremely powerful
  • Easy in installation
  • Might require a thermostat
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Solar Attic Fan 48-watt – Black – with 25-year Warranty

Solar Attic Fan 48-watt - Black - with 25-year WarrantyAttics can get extremely hot in summer. They are even prone to get into high temperatures in hot places. Therefore to prevent yourself from high cooling costs, it is extremely important to search for a solar-powered attic fan with a thermostat. Currently, there is a high demand for “Natural Light Solar Attic Fan”.

Easy to install

This solar attic fan is extremely easy to install for different sorts of roofs such as asphalt, shingle, and fiberglass. Plus, it is equally excellent for attic ventilation which is its plus point.

Durable Construction

Natural Light is known to be a rising solar attic fan brand, which is tried and tested by builders. It is built with excellent quality of material for long-lasting use. It is equipped with a 36W solar panel which is enough to power the attic fan.

Efficient Performance

Besides, it has a strong DC motor that can work so efficiently with which the fan can move the moisture and hot air out of your space on a daily basis during sunny hours.

Adjustable Solar Panel

You will also notice that the solar panel is adjustable to almost 45 degrees or even flat up based on your needs. This model can easily move to almost 1628 cubic feet per minute for excellent exposure under the full sun. It is also recommended to install one attic fan per 2625 square feet space.

Customer Warranty

This device is available with a 25-year limited warranty for every customer purchase. Choosing an attic fan right through the long warranty is much needed and important for your peace of mind.

  • Made out of durable components
  • Customer 25-year warranty
  • Highly Energy saving and extra effective operation
  • Efficient for getting hot air 7 moisture out
  • Not suitable for sidewall mounting or flat roofs
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iLIVING HYBRID Ready Smart Exhaust Solar Roof Attic Exhaust Fan

iLIVING HYBRID Ready Smart Exhaust Solar Roof Attic Exhaust Fan

Once you start shortlisting the best and excellent solar attic fans, make sure you do check out iLIVING solar roof fan! This has been one of the most top-rated products having access to solar-powered attic ventilator. This product offers excellent features that make it a top-performing and reliable attic fan.

Easy to install and use

This model is reliable to use due to its compact size and solid features. You can easily install and use it. This easy installation process makes this attic fan to be highly recommended among homeowners. It is portable and light in weight for easy movement.

Available with thermostat control

This model is available with smart thermostat control as well. Not all the products in this category have thermostat control so make sure your selected model has the one.

Brushless Motor

Another major element that makes this model unique is its brushless motor access which is extremely reliable and innovative. This is a type of motor which you will probably be finding in all models of solar attic fans for efficient working.


You will also appreciate the rating of IP68 which makes this item a heavy-duty and waterproof base. It is best to deal with various rough weather conditions. All in all, it is reliable for outdoor changes.

Customer Warranty

This product also comes with a customer 15-year warranty, so you can find more satisfaction in your purchase.

  • Reliable and 100% efficient operation
  • Nice and modern design
  • Compact and durable construction
  • Offers IP68 waterproof rating
  • Efficient working of solar panel
  • Pricey
  • Loud working operation


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ECO-WORTHY 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Gable Roof Vent Fan

ECO-WORTHY 25W Solar Powered Attic Ventilator Gable Roof Vent Fan

This is another decent choice of solar attic fan which makes it exceptionally best due to its efficient performance. The best thing about this attic fan is that it can even work on low voltage. Right through the minimum operating voltage of 4V, you can even easily get the required ventilation on any cloudy day.

Portable and Compact Size

This attic fan is having one such particular strength which you will appreciate the most. It can easily cover an area of around 1960 square feet. This attic fan is excellent for you if you are having a medium-sized attic or garage.

High-Efficiency Motor

Above all, this item is having a high-efficiency motor. It works effectively without causing enough noise. This fan can easily protect against moisture that otherwise leads to mold and mildew growth.

Durable Construction

It is made of durable and high-quality construction with which this fan can easily deal with changing weather conditions.

Easy to Install and Use

This 25W attic fan can smoothly cool your entire roof and can even reduce your AC conditioning load. In this way, it will help you cut your cooling cost by keeping your attic ventilated.

This fan is easy to install which will enable you to use it over the locations of RV, shed, home, and outdoor. It is also included with an integrated cable in which it has a quick connector. You can even install it easily due to its quick-connect wires.

  • Efficient ventilator
  • Foldable set of solar panel
  • Saves your electricity cost
  • Best for home, outdoor or greenhouse space
  • 25-year customer Warranty
  • Covers a smaller space as compared to others
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Broan-NuTone 345SOWW Surface Mount Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator

Broan-NuTone 345SOWW Surface Mount Solar-Powered Attic Ventilator

It’s time to keep your business or residential areas completely free from the suffocation ambiance with this reliable attic fan model! Give our proper and simple ventilation by installing this Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic Ventilator.

Powerful Solar Panel

The Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic Ventilator is included with a built-in 28-watt solar panel. It is extremely efficient as in receiving the sunlight as well as generating it with electricity.

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Promotes Proper Ventilation at Home

Furthermore, this model is promoting proper ventilation at home which is extremely important for the human respiratory system. It is equally helpful in maintaining a calm mindset. One Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic can cover as wide as 537 CFM.

Sleek Modern Design

Another major reason to choose Broan-Nutone Solar Powered Attic is its sleek modern design which blends it with any home design. It is not just constructed with beauty but with a set of resilience.

Durable Construction

This attic ventilator is strongly built out of UV-stabilized ABS Plastic and with stainless steel fasteners. It is also included with a galvanized steel bracket and a durable tempered glass solar panel.

Noise-free Working System

Due to the direct current motor, this model is efficient in working without making any sort of noise. Salient features of Attic Ventilator are much needed because nobody wants a disturbing sound at the top of their house during their bedtime.


Powerfully built with UV-stabilized ABS Plastic

  • Available with long single aluminum blade fan for extra cooler air circulation
  • Easy installation process
  • Extra efficient 28 Watt solar panel
  • Sleek design
  • You can also use it for shingle roof
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Things to consider while buying Best Attic Solar Fans

Any person who is in search of buying the best solar attic fan needs to follow a few basic considerations which are required for the efficient working of a solar fan.

This includes the construction of your fan, solar panel, or motor. Besides, you should equally check the cost, installation process, and warranty of your selected fan. Few basic buying guide instructions are as mentioned below:

  • Material:

The first element is about the material of the solar attic fan which needs to be durable and long-lasting in resistance. It has to be resistant and safe to use for home purposes. You should pick the one which is available with the stainless steel screen for delivering an excellent performance. If in case it is available with some aluminum powder coating, then it will prevent rust or corrosion.

  • Size:

Well, the size of the solar attic fan can vary based on your home requirements. For picking the accurate size, make sure you completely know the size of your attic in cubic feet. The easiest way would be to measure the breadth and length of your attic fan and then multiply the result by 10.

  • Installation:

Try to choose the solar attic fan which is available with the easy process of installation. It needs to be free from all sorts of complications and should have the necessary hardware components in it.

  • Efficiency:

Solar attic fans are popularly known to deliver excellent performance as it starts running with the help of solar power. But at the same time, it is mandatory to check the efficiency of the solar fan so you can be sure of the fact that it is delivering excellent performance without any issue. This can be the best choice for any environment-conscious person.

  • Performance:

For an excellent performance, you have to check if your selected solar attic fan is available with a powerful motor or not. It should provide durable performance and has to be noise-free.

You can pick the one which is available with extra blades so it can eventually reduce the noise level. Another major thing that you need to be careful about is the adjustability of your solar attic fan. For better performance, you have to see if it includes an adjustable solar panel or not.

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What Is A Solar Attic Fan?

These solar attic fans are excellent and efficient to work with as they deliver an excellent flow of air throughout. They are also available with the solar panels which will keep them actively powered even in cold weather conditions. Plus they are easy to install as they are wall-mounted or can even get installed in the ceiling. These are readily available with the installation instructions along with cables.

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How Does Solar Attic Fan Work?

Similar to the rest of the solar products, this solar attic fan equally works on solar energy. These fans are normally working as the gateway between warm and cool air. This eventually helps in regulating the temperature inside your home. The solar attic fan is divided into two main components, a fan and solar panels.

The solar panels are accountable for collecting solar energy. The overall size of the panel is based on the model you have selected. Plus, the capacity and size of your home also play an important role. For the actual ventilation, the fan inside the attic fan plays a major role. The speed of the fan will change according to the solar energy it is getting.

A solar attic fan can be used in both the summer and winter seasons. In the summer season, attics can reach the level of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or even hotter due to the constant solar exposure. This heat will, later on, disperse all-around your home which will result in an overworked air conditioner as well as higher electrical bills.

A solar attic fan works by replacing the hot air inside with the cold air outside. Little by little, the residing area can get cooler, ensuring reduced electrical energy consumption. In cold times, there are inclinations for moisture to build-up as well when the hot air inside your home meets with the cold temperature underside of the roof. Moisture breeds molds, which can damage your home. The solar attic fan solves this trouble by way of replacing the hot air inside for the cold air inside. This way, you will have a drier roof and attic.

How Does Solar Attic Fan Work?

Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Attic Fans

Before you buy any product, it is extremely important to know about its pros and cons to get an idea about its suitability and meeting your basic needs. Similar to all other products, a solar attic fan also have its own set of pros and cons which we are discussing right below for you:


  • Solar products are always known for their eco-friendly nature towards the environment. It is a clean and renewable energy source. It is helpful for you to save much of your electricity cost and reduce your family’s carbon footprint.
  • Solar attic fans are designed just to ventilate your house by exchanging some warm air with the cold air outside. It is extremely helpful during the summer season when the temperature is at its peak. During the winter season, it prevents moisture build-up and even molds in your roofs.
  • The solar fan can even protect your house roofs against any sort of damage which probably happens due to changes in temperature. Such fan models provide adequate ventilation.
  • They are quite a lot easy to install since you don’t need to put yourself in the hassle of using cables or wires. You can easily install it on your own in just 30 minutes.


  • Solar attic fans completely rely on sunlight power. Its working performance might get dull if it is not receiving enough charge. Plus, it is not suitable for the areas with an extra cold climate.
  • When it comes to power, they are not as powerful as compared to electric or motor-based models.
  • Similar to other solar products, they do have a high upfront cost. This might discourage homeowners to put their investment in its installation.
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Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

1. What type of roof is best to install a solar attic fan on?

Natural Light Solar Attic Fans can easily be installed virtually on the roof of both commercial and residential buildings. The roof-mounted model is best designed for flat roofs as well as pitched roofs. The solar panel should be angled in such a position where it is collecting enough sunlight for optimal venting performance on all roof slopes.

2. Are solar attic fans 100% energy efficient?

Yes, these attic fans are so much more energy-efficient than the models which are installed on the residential homes qualify for around 30% Federal Tax Credit. This unit operates as free for the whole day by getting its power from the sun. It means there are no operating costs.

3. What is the warranty of Natural Light Solar Attic Fan?

All the models of solar attic fans are having an industry-leading 25-year product warranty.

4. Can you install a solar attic fan on a shady roof?

Yes, natural light is offering a unique version to your solar attic fan which will enable you to easily install the fan on any shady roof portion. The fan unit is powered by the remote solar panel which is installed away from the fan on top of the sunny portion of the roof.

5. Can you install a solar attic fan on your own?

Being a homeowner, you can easily install a solar attic fan on your own in just less than one hour. You can perform the whole process of installation through a basic guide by using a reciprocating saw. No wiring or any sort of structural changes are required. The kit is also available with the illustrated step-by-step instructions.

6. Can solar attic fans easily withstand extreme weather?

Yes, they are made out of rugged construction which can easily withstand extreme weather conditions of tornadoes and hurricanes. The unit even utilizes a high-impact solar panel as well as heavy-duty commercial-grade aluminum housing for extra protection.

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To look for the best solar attic fan, do not miss out on taking help from the list which we mentioned right above for you in the blog. All the attic fans are powerful which relay runs on the brushless motors. They all do ensure excellent airflow in different directions. Plus they are also weather resistant which makes it ideal to use in various places. Pick the one which suits your requirements, home needs, and stands following your budget.

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